The breastfed baby nurses on average 8 to 12 times in 24 hours. This is generally ever 1.5 to 3 hours. Each feeding should last from 30 – 45 minutes.

Days 1 to 3 Colostrum
Bowel movements: 1 to 3 sticky, dark green or almost black
Wet diapers: generally 2 to 3, increasing in number and amount each day

Days 3 to 4 Milk Coming In
Bowel movements: 3 to 4 brown/green/yellow in colour
Wet diapers: 3 to 4 per day, heavier wetting

Days 5 to 6 Mature Milk
Bowel movements: 3 to 5, becoming more yellow in colour.
At least 3 are the size of a dollar coin
Heavy wet diapers: 5 to 6 per day


SEE… Mouth open wide
Lips flanged out and relaxed
FEEL… Breast tug – no pain
HEAR…The sound of baby swallowing
Sucking is slow and rhythmic


  • Nipples are sore or cracked
  • Unable to get baby latched onto breast
  • Baby has dark green to black bowel movements after 5 days of age
  • Baby is having infrequent wet diapers after Day 3
  • Baby repeatedly falls asleep after nursing for only a few minutes
  • Baby sleeps for 4 to 5 hours more than once a day
  • Baby is spending more than 45 minutes at the breast and begins crying soon after being taken off
  • Baby has only rapid, nibbling, shallow type sucking

Baby’s First Days

  • This information will help you keep track of your baby’s feedings and diaper changes during those first busy days at home or hospital.
  • This record will help you decide if your baby is getting enough to drink. It will also be useful when your midwife visits.
Date Time Length of Feed Urine Stool Stool Color Comment
R Breast L Breast