Dear Clients,

The midwives in our practice are “on-call” for client’s labours and deliveries 24/7 with the exception of a weekend off every two weeks.  This weekend is the midwives’ protected time with their families and to sleep without the pager interrupting.

Because the midwives are available 24/7 for their labouring clients, there may be times during your pregnancy when we have to reschedule your appointment.  We will make every endeavour to contact you so that you are not making a wasted trip into the clinic, but there may be times when a labour or birth is happening quickly and the midwife has to run out of the clinic.  Also, if a midwife has been involved in a labour or birth through the night, the office staff finds out that her clinic needs to be rescheduled at 8:30 AM when they arrive to work.  If you have an early morning appointment, there is a greater possibility that you will not find out about the need to reschedule until you arrive at the clinic.

We do know that everyone’s time is valuable, and that a rescheduled appointment can be inconvenient and possibly even frustrating.  The reality is, however, that babies choose to make their entrance to this world on their time schedule and not ours.  Just as your midwife will do everything in her power to be with you as you labour and give birth, she also has a commitment to her other clients.  We ask for your understanding in this matter.